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In 1930, a group of American and Chinese Master Masons, all of whom were raised abroad, decided to form a Lodge in Shanghai, for the purpose to bring Free Masonry to Chinese aspirants.
Charter Members of the first Chinese Lodge included Brothers George A. Fitch (later G.M. of the G.L.O.C, in Taiwan), Judge N.F. Allman, Alfred T.C. Kao, Mei Hua-Chuan. I.J. Rawlinson and James L.E. Chow.
On January 27, 1931, under the Grand Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Philippines, Amity Lodge 106 (Shanghai) was chartered. This was followed by the creation of five more lodges: Nanking Lodge No.108 (Nanking), Pearl River Lodge No. 109 (Canton), Szechwan Lodge No. 112 (Cheng-tu), West Lake Lodge No. 113 (Hanzou) and Sun Lodge No. 114 (Shanghai).
. On March 18, 1949, The Grand Lodge Of China was consecrated at the Masonic Hall in Shanghai, and the 6 lodges were transferred and re-chartered with their original names but were renumbered as:
  • Amity Lodge No. 1
  • Nanking Lodge No, 2
  • Pearl River Lodge No. 3
  • Szechwan Lodge No. 4
  • West Lake Lodge No. 5
  • Sun Lodge No. 6

Due to the civil war in China, The Grand Lodge of China ceased to function in Shanghai in 1951. It was finally reactivated in Taiwan in 1955, as was Amity Lodge No. 1, followed by Pearl River Lodge No. 3 at Tainan in 1956, Sun Lodge No. 6 at Taipei in 1956, and Szechwan Lodge No. 4 in Taichung in 1957.